03 February 2013

Tiny little circle

There's always be a circle.
Between people all around the globe.
Masakan boleh orang cakap dunia ni kecil kan?
Well, sometimes the chain will certainly change.
You walked a day with a buddy and suddenly knowing there's a different person next to you.

Yeah yeah, people changed. Experience does it. Emotion let it.
Persuasive, laughter, happiness, despair, regret and give up. These, contributes.

The sun shines bright, comes before a rainy day.
Rainbow, comes after the heavy storm.
Its bad to good or good to bad.
As I always believe we are the one who are responsible to make how bad and how beautiful something is.

Just say its not pretending but to fix it.
Pretending won't do any better.
You don't have to choose what you had been hating after you are being ignored by what you loved the most.
Not more, just pathetic.

Loosing a game is normal, just light up some cigarettes and smoke it all out. =.="

As for me, work hard for what you had been wanting. But, I'll leave when I had done enough.
I walk away when I had give it up.