13 May 2015

What is life?

It was this evening when I laid back after a harmful day. Thug life. Feeling stressed out, I feel like expressing thoughts and feelings to whom I trusted. I glanced through my phone. Seeking for any contacts that is possible to find. 1st contact? Nope. This people is busy minding his own business. 2nd contact? No as well. This person hates me for no reason. 3rd person? I dont believe in him.  I swiped my phone up and down. Nothing was found. 

Then I realized. I have nobody except for my phones which links me to various random people who fakes the bonding. Just wanting to be liked and to gain popularity. Celebrities who live in social medium. Such ashamed.

People is loosing touch. Loosing the real meaning of trying their best to understand the situation they are going through. Loosing the endurance towards harsh life. Which made me think of our generation's competitivenes level. The survivor rate must have gone down.

People wrecklessly post whatever they want to tell the world. Virals, bashing, spy cam and even the feelings are expressed in those devilish medium. We are possessed by the technologies which make us weak people. 

I miss the sincerity that I had when we were just kids. When we tell people what we feel sincereley. When we be friend with people for no self interest reason.

I have done with all these but yet, this is the real life. Its real thug. 

I have no real people around me.