28 January 2013

Slave a Dragon

Hye peeps! Apa khabar semua? sorry lah, blog ni bersawang sikit. Penuh harta karun katekan. kehkeh.
oh, well. Tujuan aku update blog malam ni is because of a pretty good friend had came out with a question. How to understand a guy? Haaa. aku memang xde jawapan untuk soalan-soalan macam ni. But, thanks to my blogger friends. I found out several answer. Perhaps, this might help u.

Okay, we are all aware of the ego within every single man. Tau tak, this kind of ego, bukan senang nak buang. Seriously. Ada aku nampak macam main-main? Bagi sedas baru hang tau. Ni aku cari untuk hang tau x. Ridiculous question. Nasib kau kawan aku.

Well, from what I have got from a blog. I can't remember which blog. A right woman could stump on the ego by a few ways. Well, some simple tips that I have gotten is that, for a second, a guy would wish that this right woman could held his hand and tell him that you'll be by his side. Tell him that everything is just fine. Remember, just don't fucked up when he is pissed off. Yes, memang susah lelaki nak cairkan? Well, acah je tu. percaya cakap aku lah kawan, deep inside. Tuhan je tau.

Take a believe, if a man had lower his ego in front of u, don't take it for granted. Nak tau mcm mane? Simple. First, dia akan layan segala benda bodoh yang kau buat. I mean things that you know that he wouldn't do. Second, he'll talk to u even if u are pissed off. He will try to make u feel better around him. Like, everything sampai la kau okay balik. But, lets not make him tired. haha. Third, he'll be as furious macam gunung berapi bila kau buat bodoh je dengan dia. Tapi jangan la sampai nampak kau bodoh sangat. haha. Ok, forth, at any rate, he'll make it to you. Just name the price. He'll make it. weyh, aku dah xtau apa lagi. hahaha. Tapi personally, aku rasa, dia akan sabar je dengan segala bebelan kau. Tapi, kalau kau dah pijak pijak dia, memang gua pun xdapat nak tolong lah kawan. hahah.

Walaupun jawapan aku bagi mcm simple, tapi at least aku dah tolong kau. haha. Blog aku mmg 5 minit je. Instant, xboleh lama2, nanti ada rusuhan pulak.

Ni nasihat aku untuk kau.

To tame a dragon, u have to make it held its breath and comfort him. Slaving it will be the last thing I would advice you. Maksud aku, kau memang tetak dia dengan parang. Kau masuk jail, aku xkan pegi melawat punya. Gila.

so, that's all. I hope this will help a little. Or maybe a lot. kehkeh. PEACE!!

20 January 2013

The Dragon Tales

Do you remember when we didn't care?
We were just two kids and took the moment when it was there.
Do you remember you at all?
Another heart calls.

Hye peeps! Those were lines from one of the meaningful song named another heart calls.
This song is nothing but perfect.
Well, while people seeing a picture from a random 45 and 90 degrees, I choose to look from 67 and 207 degrees. Well, if you got what I meant.

Things could be broken into two. Well a piece of an art had always does. Separating the world upside down. Abstractly. Not much is worth the honesty, maturity and visibility beyond what is there.

There's moment that we shared. There's the secret that we had been keeping. There's something upon us that could not be explain yet left there either hanging or solved. It worth the magic spell of a brilliant sorcerer. Indecisive upon the answer even there could be was an answer. By the end of the day, we leaned back. Huff! What can we do? There's some similarities and differences that bumped us into a confusion.

Well, I might be neither a composer nor a singer. Dedicating some scrap to make people smile. Being myself is one thing and there's another me inside being left hidden. Its all about making a decision at the right time. But that won't make it enough to you. Well, here we go, questioning.

Care or don't care? Pleased or not pleased? Honest or dishonest?

Well, here's some simple analogy for you to see.

"A dragon would never be tamed unless in the hand of the right master."

Which means, every people has their own colour. A red could be blue, depends on the painter who used it. People will have another personality but there's another personality will come out when they are being with people who worth their life.

So peeps, till we meet again.