20 January 2013

The Dragon Tales

Do you remember when we didn't care?
We were just two kids and took the moment when it was there.
Do you remember you at all?
Another heart calls.

Hye peeps! Those were lines from one of the meaningful song named another heart calls.
This song is nothing but perfect.
Well, while people seeing a picture from a random 45 and 90 degrees, I choose to look from 67 and 207 degrees. Well, if you got what I meant.

Things could be broken into two. Well a piece of an art had always does. Separating the world upside down. Abstractly. Not much is worth the honesty, maturity and visibility beyond what is there.

There's moment that we shared. There's the secret that we had been keeping. There's something upon us that could not be explain yet left there either hanging or solved. It worth the magic spell of a brilliant sorcerer. Indecisive upon the answer even there could be was an answer. By the end of the day, we leaned back. Huff! What can we do? There's some similarities and differences that bumped us into a confusion.

Well, I might be neither a composer nor a singer. Dedicating some scrap to make people smile. Being myself is one thing and there's another me inside being left hidden. Its all about making a decision at the right time. But that won't make it enough to you. Well, here we go, questioning.

Care or don't care? Pleased or not pleased? Honest or dishonest?

Well, here's some simple analogy for you to see.

"A dragon would never be tamed unless in the hand of the right master."

Which means, every people has their own colour. A red could be blue, depends on the painter who used it. People will have another personality but there's another personality will come out when they are being with people who worth their life.

So peeps, till we meet again.


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