26 March 2013

Bobby The Don's Trip

Hello ! Lama tak update blog ni. Bahan tak ramai geng.
Yes, I'm spending every bit of my last semester in UUM having going errand and chill with those people I called friends.

Jadinya timbullah idea-idea bernas dari mahasiswa-mahasiswa ini. Maka kami pun mula menjadi lebih rajin, lebih dari kebiasaan. We set up a nice, unforgettable and adventurous hang-out vacation in Langkawi.

I swear, we woke up early on that fine and cozy day. Sebelum subuh pun ada. So, we made our move to the  jetty and I had my Roti Kahwin before we floated to the wonderful island. With only 13 people, we made it!
Okay, after we checked in our small and beautiful motel, we went for a so-so 10 minutes' 6D cinema. Well, not much until we step on the Gondola, if im not mistaken. Its the cable car's car. Err. sampai tak? Buat-buat paham okay. Sumpah gayat! But then, its amazing that i had overcame the stress. What a wonderful sceneries we had seen. "Subhanallah !" detik hati kecilku. hahaha. Stepped out of that moving thing on the platform. enjoyed the height, the peaceful view and the windy day.

Next up, its beach time! Swimming, "swimming"( if you got what i mean) and riding on the banana boat. And that was enjoyful. At night, perkara biasa, shopping. Yes, shopping =.="

Second day was much more adventurous. We went for snorkeling at Pulau Payar. Again, Subhanallah. The beach was so beautiful. So eye-catching ya know! Got chance to swim with those tiny and colourful fish but not to forget the cute baby SHARK! OMONG! haha. They do bite but they wont harm if we dont scare them. PUFFF! hilang sekejap masalah dunia. Teroka dunia baru. Memang "A" !

HALT!! Macam dah nak lebih 5 minit kan? Nanti langgar polisi blog aku pulak.

Now for the analogy :

We would have to open up a chocolate bar to taste it despite of evaluating its look.

So, be brave enough to try and explore new things. Then you can have another aspect to view life.

Until then, jumpa lagi semua. Adios! *jangan lupa like!*

Geng, pengembaraan bermula! =P

Yang x senonoh tu bobby. 

If you guys could see those sweet tiny people.

Geng power rangers!

okay, gambar. okay, gambar. okayyy

100 of tributes to wan the snorkeling sifu! =)

Nampak macam gay tapi kami straight. haha

The beautiful scene. Praise to Allah

YanaR the cheerleader. =P

Penduduk kampung mahsuri

Jakun dengan tangga bulat.

The room mates!

For God Sake! I love this photo!