29 May 2013

Split Emotion

Hye peeps! Its 12.07 a.m and its 30th of May 2013. Its been a tough 3 years that had taught me a lot. I will soon be completing my degree. Yup, been planning what life could be, what to be achieved, and who to be in future. Ever since I was on my first day, I had met several people and several important persons that I called best friends.

Alhamdulillah. Thank God for letting me to be as part of them. Thank God to let me through so much things with them. To feel ecstatic, sorrow,calm, lazy, energetic, enthusiastic and even betrayal. Thank God to let me see things more clearly. To have some firm thought. Purifying mentality, giving frank thought and bold stands. Though there are several weeks left. Thought this might be our last moment here. But dear best friends, who had been with me, who had seen my rises and falls, those who had been stabbed by my cunning talks but yet please make it valuable, those who had given me a slap of words onto my face, just know that I would like to thank you all.

Yeah, I know that people change, so do we. Getting matured, having faith, strengthening our stands and know what are our raids. So please, stay strong and don't slip. I'm all out of my breath. All out of care to be given. I could never be as proud as how I am to befriend with these amazing people.
Best friend. 
Moving on is just another chapter of our life. Not much but never less. 
I knew that everybody is playing their own game. Using all the resources and opportunities that we had. To move on. Forgiving is one thing, forgetting and accepting others' faults is another thing.

For sure, as usual, I believe that you guys know when and where to find me. For some believe and faith that i had positioned in you guys. I'll be by your side when you need me. Sure that's true and best friends know it better. Be bold, be honest in relationship and beware of those criminal minded people like what I have played to show you guys. Well, we do need bad guy to show you the right way, isn't it? To show you the cliff that you should never slip and fell off. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Last but not least. All the best in life. Adios.