29 October 2012

blaming the hope

Assalamualaikum and happy wishes to all of you!

Its in the very end of the October and its in the middle of the semester.
My final year. Which I chose to not spoil it. Twisted the way I look life upon, reorganizing all my mission,gathering strength and putting some hope that seems to become enormous, unconsciously.

So many things so many experience yet unexplainable. Too much hope to be put on gained me only lost.
Sweet betrayal, sweet revenge gain us nothing. NOTHING. So, choosing to let go is the better thing to be done ever. Ever.

Bak kata orang, never look back. Kehkeh. Sebab bila kita tengok what had passed, semuanya messed up. Tunggang langgang. Ya, semalam ia okay, dan bila esoknya kita buat review, suddenly semua crashed!

Oh, semester 5, the first half of the final year. FINAL YEAR !
So much things gathered, so much things happened and yes, I wont look back.
Leaving the past the way it is. Pushing the door ahead! Setting up some life plan.

Cut the crap. nah, ni gambar-gambar sepanjang hidup bermula sem 5 sehingga hari ini :

Lawatan Human Resource Information System di KOBE Precision Tech

From left : En. Mohamad (ER Exec) , Alwina' , Syuhada, Izzati, Miss Lina ( C&B Exec) , Affan. #daus is missing!

Landscape KOBE cantik kan? eh? hahah
Oh well, sempat ke Bukit Bendera, Penang.

Blow It!


Teknik melekat Wina Monclova


Again, mesti ada gambar macam ni. =P

So there we were!

Alright! Enough for my 5 minutes blog.

"Life is like assorted chocolate." Sweet, various taste and kind, just in a box of life. - ARPM (2012)

Till we meet again people. =)

14 October 2012

Im so flattered!

Hye peeps! Im so so so flattered by something made by someone.
Gila happy dan Happy gila!
Okay okay okay, sabar sabar. Ni nak story lah ni.

This entry is specially made for a one of the very good friend of mine.
Seriously, I was touched yet flattered by the appreciation note made by this lil' buddy.
Its not that I want to flatter her back but, its for real. This is a SERIOUSLY HONEST APPRECIATION!
Kehkeh. Punya la besaq baq hangggg.  Sikit punya highlight.

Oh, the note? Aku punya lah. Jangan harap nak tunjuk. Haha.
Ok, sabar sabar. Nak share lah ni. Nanti tak pasal-pasal ada orang merusuh dalam blog aku yang serba serbi ni.

Kalau aku nak korang teka siapa bagi, korang boleh teka tak? Siapa dapat teka aku bagi thumbs up.

See, the note? Sweet isn't thee? =)
Well, dear buddy, keep your head up and stay strong!
Buat la push up ke sit up ke ape ke to stay strong.
No matter what, you know me, how I will stand beside those people I care.

Bla bla bla bla bla. Sebelum aku berceloteh panjang walaupun blog aku ni memang wajib 5 minit je.

" Be yourself and you can be whoever you wanted to be " - Analogi Ringkas Penulis Muda (2012)

Oh, again, Thanks a lot kawan! For the note! Note! note! note! nak soft toy pulakkkk. Kahkah. 

okay, enjoy the music and do comment di bawah ni. Alaa, hat ada tulis _ orang tempek dekat sini! 

18 September 2012

Pirates of the Sandy Beach

Hye followers sekalian. Assalamualaikum, hello, hey ho!

This time its about our trip to Langkawi Island.
Alhamdulillah. Trip kali ini menjadi. And of course, it was a total enjoyment.

The very first day, we went to Jeti Kuala Perlis after we had our light breakfast at 9.30 a.m.
ERM ERM ERM. Things seems to be very smooth but due to the crowd, kitorang terpaksa lah naik feri pukul 1.30p.m.
Yes it was a long wait. Sorry homies! Dan akhirnya sangkut lah pulak dekat Secret Recipe. HAAAA!
Memang belum apa-apa we had spend much on food. Macam biasa. The taste comes first. LOL! =D

Yeah yeah yeah. We sailed off at 2.00 p.m. Semua pakat tidoq. Baguih. =.="
Well, we stayed at the Sandy Beach Resort in Pantai Chenang. Such a peaceful place with pleasant view.
Malam pulaknya, kami shoot off to Pekan Kuah to buy souveniers untuk homies yang lain. Haa~ Kome tunggu je la barangnye iye. ;)

Oh, the next day. Memang awal gila lah bangun. Breakfast di tepi pantai. With the breeze. Ahhh. Damn lepak!
Next up! lompat lompat to several islands. Rasa kagum dengan keindahan ciptaanNya. Subhanallah. =O
The weather was pleasant too! And lucky us to saw white eagle! Helang laut!
Oh, one of the frustration is tak dapat naik cable car. Oh my, pitty us. Punya lah ramainya manusia heyy.
So we head off to Bird Paradise Wildlife Park. Bagi makan to those animals. Berpura-pura jakun. Ye lah, tourists kannnn.

Oh, finally kami menuju ke jetty dan hop into the ferry again.
Dua hari yang sangat enjoyable.

OH OH. kali ni saya lah pengarah projek nya. weehoo. credit to ninie, the KB (kawan baru) yang berjaya jadi gps kami. yeah, dengan peta di tangan dan segala pengalaman yang ada. hihi!

"To explore, be the pirates!" Redah dengan berani. Thats the fun in the challenge! =)

Nah gambor2 nye ye.

Macam biasa, mesti ada gambar pelik pelik. =P

Berendam bersama, ketawa bersama. =D
Bila dah bosan kemain

See the crowd?

Benda ni rare, takde kat Muadzam okeh!


Akak Photographer kita

Macam biasa. Ni balasannya. kahkah

Bila penat berjalan. 

The Portable GPS

Lagi lagi gambar pelik. =.="

Oh, meatballs tu yang sexy tu!

Jangan silap, ni bukan PSY! hihi.

So buddies! thanks for the trip! Mintak maaf mintak ampun andai ada yang kurang sepanjang trip kita ni. =)
Adios! jumpa lagi bulan November ni!

26 August 2012

raya datang lagi !

Alhamdulillah. dah sebulan ramadhan kita tempuh. Masa untuk syawal berlabuh.
Its been a while since we had finished schooling.
As we get older, I am always wondering on how would it be like in days to come.
Boleh ke lagi kita grouping macam selalu?
Tanggungjawab makin bertambah. Masing-masing dengan hal masing-masing.
Kisah masing-masing.
Pedulikan semua tu. Alhamdulillah again.
Dalam kesibukan masing-masing, sempat jugak kita beraya bersama.

Raya kali ni walaupun tak sama macam yang sebelum sebelum ni tapi  aku tetap happy dapat bersama dengan korang.
Aku hargai masa bersama, sebab aku dapat rasakan. Nanti lama kelamaan, all these will be really hard to be done again.
Macam biasa, pengarah projek dan ahli-ahlinya. Ritual tahunan. Am just loving it! =)
Having chats and quarrels. Red, blue, green and even light green.
Cuma sepanjang musim cuti kali ni, the most important things that I had learned is, to do impossible things, we need not to think but to be like Nike.(just do it) kehkeh.
Apa yang simpul kita tegakkan, apa yang kabur kita terangkan.
And what's more important is determining people's personality to know who they are.
It will be really damn obvious when we compare on how they treat ourself and other people around them.
Feel it not to only see.

Macam biasa, blog aku cuma untuk update aku. jadi 5 minit je lah. kisah aku xmenarik mana.
Dan aku selalu datang dengan analogi ringkas, "Friendship is a melody"
Harmoni dengan pelbagai bunyi yang berbeza that later on made up a perfect melody.

Allright, last say will be all the best to my homies ; Afiq, zakuan, fazrul, syahir, farid, husnafuad, meknab, paten, dan zue.

Till we meet again. Jangan lupa aku. =)

Till we meet again, HAA! trip kita! harap2 menjadi! simpan duit!

22 July 2012

The Undecisive Damage

Happy Ramadhan to all of you.
Yes, you who read my piece of article.

Laying back, thinking of all those things that I had been disregarded
Yet, life is all about making choices.
To risk or to play safe,
Living a life is a dead or alive game, where bombs are to be exploded at any chance.
Perhaps we had always questioned on what to do and what need to be happened.
While deep down, there's always an answer. To be safe and play safe.

Enjoying life, making fool out of the fate, yet to deny the truth.
Well life is simple to be talked about but is always a challenge to walk it.

To adopt not to adore. To keep not to be shared. To peep but not to be seen.

But that reminds me, not to regret on the failure that you had,
when you slipped on a narrow path, right at the almost end of the cliff.

Breaking the awkwardness might be a better way,
A better solution to put on together the crack of life.
Never blame your weaknesses, never point others.
Yell out things that you hated most at the time wont make any grudge in the heart.
Even you'll flame the grudge in others, but you know you are clean.

Let the bad and good days passed.
Let us move on.
Put on the gloves and never let the scars infected.
Sweeping all the evidence, hold it to your chest.
The destructive, harmful machine that we lived in silence.
Oh yes, let's pull over. Back off when you are not fit.
Satisfy others will be a pleasure, knowing that they'll live well.

There's always a mercy. Mercy is just not for the ownself. Numsayin~


05 July 2012

The Unsung Music

Best kan lagu ni? haa. Ni lagu dari Lady Antebellum yang dinyanyikan semula oleh Boyce Avenue dan Megan Nicole.
Well, bukan pasal Boyce Avenue mahupun si Megan Nicole yang comel tu.

Ini kisahnya,
Its been about 5 years,
Too many changes, too many challenges that brought us this far.
The untold stories, the unsung music, the undercovered path.
Cewwah!! Dalam blog yang serba ringkas ni meh aku nak story sikit.
Dalam tempoh setengah tahun ni, I have these opportunities to meet my old besties.
In other words, homies!

Its interesting to hear all the different stories from different kind of perception.
Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah.
We all had found our own track.
Reminiscing the old memories, banyak yang aku terlepas since I moved out dari skolah tu.
Yes, ada yang faced challenge yang aku rasa aku sendiri tak mampu nak hadapi.
Well, those had made us for who we are today.

Selak folders, jumpa pulak gambar2 ni.
To the childhood friends! All the best and till we meet again, Stay alive! =P



01 July 2012

4th semester had ended!

Brush. Brush. Brush.
Banyak betul sawang dalam gua punya laman sesawang nih. kehkeh.
Allow me to enlighten my treasure. Harta karun baik punya.

Alhamdulillah. What a semester for me. pheww!!
The pressure inclined. The cheesy part had just been added.
The creamer had just been removed out from the cup of life.
End of semester 4. =)
As usual, me and my besties, did a lot of effort to get into what we called a campus life.
Memories to be reminisced. Success to be shared. Failures to be pushed away together.

In a Malay words, sibuk gila laa!!

The whole semester was like a torchure. Gila, penat kot.
Assignments, quizzes were getting more irritating and demanding.
Outdoor project dah mula bagi punca kepada poket yang tak kenal erti wang simpanan.
Not much that I can still remember through out the half of the year.

Seingat akulah, kami menemuramah seorang Safety and Health Officer di Kilang Armstrong Auto Parts di Sungai Petani, celebrate birthdays yang banyak pada bulan Mei. Keychains from sweet friends from Langkawi, Melaka, Paris and Sabah. Panjat Gunung Jerai! Lengkap kisah menjejak Cinta Pantai Merdeka. =O

Semester ni tak banyak meronggeng. We got less time to loose. Packed kemainnn.
Butthurt yang banyak sekali tuh. Di mana Mat Luthfi menjadi kegilaan dalam sekelip mata.
Running Man jadi bahan bualan. Dragon Ball Z jadi tontonan. Okay, Star Wars. (=_='')

Nahh!!!! Aktiviti sepanjang 6 bulan




01 April 2012

Hye peeps! lama x update blog. Well, it's 7.50 in the morning when im blogging this entry.
Sitting back while enjoying a cup of tea. It's BOH. such an ordinary pleasure after all the running matter I had gone through. A perfect elixir.(well, nak tau apekejadahnye tu, check kamus ok)
"Click. Click" bunyi yang tipis tetapi cukup untuk membakar sebatang Marlboro light. Cukup untuk menambah perasa di waktu pagi. "amaran dari kerajaan Malaysia: Merokok membahayakan kesihatan". Ahh, persetan itu semua. Sekadar khayalan je pun. =P
Ketawa kecil diiringi roti GARDENIA Choco Raisin yang enak dicicah teh panas. Alangkah indah dunia.
Pernah suatu ketika, pada saat dan waktu begini, bunyi-bunyi berkejaran sana sini kedengaran.
Adakalanya bunyi ketuk-ketuk pintu untuk derma palestin, derma anak yatim. Hulur sepuluh ringgit tutup pintu.
Semudah itu. Bukannya ada askar ketuk pintu minta perlindungan, minta dirawat.
Balik je dari kuliah, oh, bersihnya blok. Tiada lagi selipar bertaburan.
Sikit pun tak terpalit titik peluh si tukang sapu. Sikit pun tak terpalit darah jika ada luka padanya.
Indahkan Malaysia? Amankan dunia kita?
Tak salah aku habiskan 10 minit untuk blog 5-minit aku. Hanya untuk mengingatkan korang semua. Ucaplah Alhamdulillah tatkala masih mempunyai nikmat yang besar. Tatkala kita masih mampu untuk berehat. Tatkala kita merasa dunia dalam dakapan.
That's all stalkers! love y'all. lama x berblogging. im out! =)

25 January 2012

far from where you are

Assalamualaikum! hye! yaw! whatsup! dan apa2 sahaja yang memberikan makna sapaan.
Satu sem dah berlalu. its all over peeps!
Going through the rise and fall. I stumbled to and fro.
A weary sail I had gone through.
Bow to the unexpected's.
And finally, its all had ended and here I am.
Having some elixir.
 So, readers, dah lama kan aku x update blog.
Bukan sibuk, bukan malas. Cuma idea x mendatang.
Pusing sejauh mana. Laju mana pon berlari. Tinggi mana melangit pun.
Nah, kat sini jugak aku. Dikelilingi kebiasaan yang mungkin berubah sedikit.
Norma yang dihadapi dan diterima.
Bak kata pepatah, seronok balik kampung halaman. haha!

Okaylah. semuanya dah selamat sampai ke kampung halaman.
Setelah masing-masing membawa diri mencari haluan.
Aku harap masing-masing sudah terbiasa dengan haluan.
Frankly, aku masih lagi mencari  apa yang aku mahu.
Apa yang aku perlu pilih.
Naa.. x perlu pusing. aku sendiri pon malas nak ambil tahu.


baru tadi. ber-bbq bersama sahabat handai. kemain.
port macam biasa la. tempat tuan tanah. haha.
pengarah projek pon orang sama.
ahli pun orang yang sama.

Bla bla bla bla. all i heard was a noise. haha
lots of story. lots of talk.
layankan aja. merepek aja.

sampai ke awal pagi boraknya. mata sudah ngantuk.
lepas rindu pada blog.
lihat bintang dan sampaikan salam pada seisi sahabat.

dear friends,
thanks for the great night.
no, thanks for being great, friends.
okay, my time is up. off to bed.

as usual, sila klik like. okbai.


03 January 2012

I am totally impressed by the depression

dear readers,
today i was impressed by two single face. in fact i'm still impress.
two different walks. two distinct road.
one is generous while the other one is stingy.
one is patient and soft hearted but the one with high self esteem and kinda im always right.
one gives so many things but another keeps so much things by being stingy.
one do not hope in return for the deeds but one had never appreciate.
one gives way and another rumble through.
most of the time, one give me less rather than giving more to the other.

i'm impressed though, with that flagged hearted.
never been on the false. never fall for sorry or reconsideration.
i can only see but not to mention.
i know my power.
i know my guys better than they know me.
so i choose not to not remain talking.

so i hush and whisper within my angriness.
im down but i was impressed.
when the outer coated the inner.
like a jacket covers a torn material.

so i deeply touched that i made this.

thanx for reading dear readers.

thanx a lot.