22 July 2012

The Undecisive Damage

Happy Ramadhan to all of you.
Yes, you who read my piece of article.

Laying back, thinking of all those things that I had been disregarded
Yet, life is all about making choices.
To risk or to play safe,
Living a life is a dead or alive game, where bombs are to be exploded at any chance.
Perhaps we had always questioned on what to do and what need to be happened.
While deep down, there's always an answer. To be safe and play safe.

Enjoying life, making fool out of the fate, yet to deny the truth.
Well life is simple to be talked about but is always a challenge to walk it.

To adopt not to adore. To keep not to be shared. To peep but not to be seen.

But that reminds me, not to regret on the failure that you had,
when you slipped on a narrow path, right at the almost end of the cliff.

Breaking the awkwardness might be a better way,
A better solution to put on together the crack of life.
Never blame your weaknesses, never point others.
Yell out things that you hated most at the time wont make any grudge in the heart.
Even you'll flame the grudge in others, but you know you are clean.

Let the bad and good days passed.
Let us move on.
Put on the gloves and never let the scars infected.
Sweeping all the evidence, hold it to your chest.
The destructive, harmful machine that we lived in silence.
Oh yes, let's pull over. Back off when you are not fit.
Satisfy others will be a pleasure, knowing that they'll live well.

There's always a mercy. Mercy is just not for the ownself. Numsayin~


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