03 January 2012

I am totally impressed by the depression

dear readers,
today i was impressed by two single face. in fact i'm still impress.
two different walks. two distinct road.
one is generous while the other one is stingy.
one is patient and soft hearted but the one with high self esteem and kinda im always right.
one gives so many things but another keeps so much things by being stingy.
one do not hope in return for the deeds but one had never appreciate.
one gives way and another rumble through.
most of the time, one give me less rather than giving more to the other.

i'm impressed though, with that flagged hearted.
never been on the false. never fall for sorry or reconsideration.
i can only see but not to mention.
i know my power.
i know my guys better than they know me.
so i choose not to not remain talking.

so i hush and whisper within my angriness.
im down but i was impressed.
when the outer coated the inner.
like a jacket covers a torn material.

so i deeply touched that i made this.

thanx for reading dear readers.

thanx a lot.

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