29 October 2012

blaming the hope

Assalamualaikum and happy wishes to all of you!

Its in the very end of the October and its in the middle of the semester.
My final year. Which I chose to not spoil it. Twisted the way I look life upon, reorganizing all my mission,gathering strength and putting some hope that seems to become enormous, unconsciously.

So many things so many experience yet unexplainable. Too much hope to be put on gained me only lost.
Sweet betrayal, sweet revenge gain us nothing. NOTHING. So, choosing to let go is the better thing to be done ever. Ever.

Bak kata orang, never look back. Kehkeh. Sebab bila kita tengok what had passed, semuanya messed up. Tunggang langgang. Ya, semalam ia okay, dan bila esoknya kita buat review, suddenly semua crashed!

Oh, semester 5, the first half of the final year. FINAL YEAR !
So much things gathered, so much things happened and yes, I wont look back.
Leaving the past the way it is. Pushing the door ahead! Setting up some life plan.

Cut the crap. nah, ni gambar-gambar sepanjang hidup bermula sem 5 sehingga hari ini :

Lawatan Human Resource Information System di KOBE Precision Tech

From left : En. Mohamad (ER Exec) , Alwina' , Syuhada, Izzati, Miss Lina ( C&B Exec) , Affan. #daus is missing!

Landscape KOBE cantik kan? eh? hahah
Oh well, sempat ke Bukit Bendera, Penang.

Blow It!


Teknik melekat Wina Monclova


Again, mesti ada gambar macam ni. =P

So there we were!

Alright! Enough for my 5 minutes blog.

"Life is like assorted chocolate." Sweet, various taste and kind, just in a box of life. - ARPM (2012)

Till we meet again people. =)

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