01 November 2009

BEST giler

from left - acher,kacang,me(affan) and taufiq not in pic - afiq!cuz he's takin dis pic
Today,i went out wif Taufiq, Acher, Afiq, Syamim and Kacang.(i dunnoe where on earth did he get dat cool nick!haha!) I swear that i miss 'em very badly! Xpcially Taufiq, my dearest bestfren n advisor.. u guys dun ave any idea on how close i am wif him.. Taufiq used 2 b my cubemate.. He's d 1 hu woke me up every early in d morn n forced me 2 d musolla 5 times/day.. He's d one hu drove me to noe my religious better.. Syamim? His my room m8 b4 with Taufiq.. We r very close since we share with n comfort each other well.. Acher?Kacang?haha...my usrah mate.. Afiq?My fren since i was in primary school... Well, he might look quite nuts n sumtyme,sissy.. But, he's not lyke dat..(well sumtyme,myb) He's one of my groupie in Pinji n he's quite guyish(i mean luk more lyke a macho man), but i dunoe wud caused him 2 chnged dramatically! Cut d crap!cut d crap!CUT THE CRAP!lets continue.. i went out with them n watch movie(ninja),*where Acher opened his mouth wide due 2 his amuzement 2 d ninja's tecnique*... played an indoor game(bowling) ,* i won 2nd place!*... went to perform asar prayer at d mosque,*where kacang got wet otw cuz it rained heavily n he went went home l8er*... went 2 Shahrul's house,*which i just neu its located behind my grandpa's house,n we got lost b4 we can find his house,n we ate so many food there*.. and we went home*actly i went back 2 tokwan's house b4 i got back 2 my ouse*.. wud a tiring n njoyable day!

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