13 December 2009

kem yang membosankan!!!!!

kem kembara minda kolej mara dan kolej professional mara 09/10!
exhausted gila! kem ni agak best cuz i met sooooo damn many new friends!! i even met my merbokianz!!miss em lah! i was in a group 7,together with putri, the new mpp.. i met a cool guys mcm si aris bdk avatar,lah bdk stylo,khai yg amek medik ib,firdaus the silencer n mysterious... the group leader,atirah if im not mistaken,is just good.. she managed to lead the group well.. then, i salute the kakaks cuz sgt2 kreatif in making our group logo.. during this camp, i learnt n gained so much things by sharing experiences with those people.. the good news was ktorg xde abg2..sume 18 except kakak2 yang amek dip tu lar.. kem nie bosan...except 4 this morning,ktorg ade jungle trekking.. tu pon program ntah pape..kelam kabut jer.. penat and im outta ere!

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