23 May 2010

deep sing darlin and forever

speaking about kmk-nians.. ramai gak yg meth jmpe after we finished our college.. so, a new story is to be told here.. let us start with fikri's visit to my house..(well actually my gramp's house) i picked him up and we went around town together with afiq.. and on the day that im goin to send fik to bus station, we bumped into insyira.. but we dint turned up in front of her..(too many girls with her) so on that nyte,me and afiq went to meet syiera and my long forgotten classmate,hafizah.. and not to forget the past two nyte from this day, me and my pinji frens went 4 a hangout.. we enjoyed nightmare on the elm street..well,thanks to zue who's willing to give me and afiq a ride.. thumbs up!kite bawak kete mcm org gler..haha~ and yesterday nite, i met with dany,iqbal,ahmad,cipu and shukran at the gelas besar.. memang sengkak dan kembung perut kami.. so this morning,well almsot noon,we moved to seha's house..makan!sampai dah tak larat.. well thats all.. thanks to all yg sudi hadir into my life.. i really appreciate u all and to cekobi, thanks lar 4 ketemukan blek kwn lame meth.. haha peace~

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