12 May 2010

throw the dice twice or maybe thrice

as far as i can remember, i sat on a wooden chair.. focusing my eye knob forward.. there i sat still,speechless.. feeling eager and excited to face the world.. time changed as day passed on.. the passion grew less..i am no longer on the wooden stuff i move on a plastic material.. it surely surprised my ecology as my attitudes changed dramatically.. rebellious became my passion, as i was left in uncertain.. i was too overjoyed... suddenly i realised.. my religious became a close friend of mine, then i know.. what's best for me.. never hold back, i moved on again.. gambling is the point of life... and now, im still not done yet.. but to be frank.. i miss my old days.. miss to be in a classroom.. having fun to learn and enjoying lesson with friends.. to those who takes or have taken part in my eco.. thanks for making my day to be in a rainbow..

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