30 July 2011

boys' day out

28th of july. The story was sung;

Keterujaan menyaksikan road to fifa world cup 2014 was rising!
well, it actually makes me uneasy to be far away from the t.v.

Rewinding a few hours before the time my adrenaline to be in front of the tv was injected:
Went, to giant. (konon2 nak part time bln pose ah)
Keciwa kejap. haha.

Fast forward kejap. (well, naik motor baru. what do u guys expect?hehe)
oke, customer service centre was our first stop in Jusco. ask for the application form.
Oh, i wish if the HR manager could see how brave i am to ask for the form. haha!
Tulisan cakar ayam!bedal je ah. Crap~ nak part time je kot. i don't think we need to fill up the form on the 1st place. A simple, short interview will do. Perhaps?

Okey, done with it.

All out of the blue, terasa nak tengok Kapten Amerika in 3d.Konon2 nak impak lebih skit ah. But, we gained nothing but a lil enjoyment. I wonder if they have Kapten Adnan muvee in 3d? =P

Belum start lagi muvee. Out of nowhere, a bunch of kids yang macam beruk sat just in front of us.Pe ag. Baran ahh. Nak sound p.k mcm normal lak budak2 skola buat cmtu. Anak sapa laa.
Oke, lpas sound trus diam. Now that's more towards normal. I mean bile budak2 skola kne sound dgn senior. kahkah~

Aihh..Bosan beb citer tesebut. Nak rate tahap kebosanannye? Well, a Pak Cik slept with the kroiihhh.. And for me, it is seriously sick!

Okeh, cerita da habis, perang dah tamat.

Masa tengok bola!
Singapura-pura. Main macam taik konon hebat. Singapura ketandusan pemain di tanah sendiri. Import smpai 6 orang pemain?which mean its about half of the 1st eleven is not singaporean origin.Kesian kan?

Lastly, sy 100% support Malaysia!. caya lah!. good game!

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