10 August 2011

The Precious Ship

Friends. It's hard for me to express how do I care about em'.
Well, it's like taking em' away with me, putting em' in my pocket and wander around like 24/7.
Nahh..Again, there goes my simple analogy. Yet, I still havn't figured it out why do I love to make the world as small and simple as I can and carry it away. Perhaps, that's why I usually failed to express my real intention though. Pfftt. Ok, enuff with this pathetic explanation. LOL.

Photoshooting is my thing. My passion. Well, I was thinking of having pictures uploaded here, in my little blog, just to make sense to u guys on how appreciative I am. Thathatha~So, here goes my addiction!

They bring happiness =)

Move around and around together.

Sometimes they might be freaky!! =P

They travel around the globe with u~

Bath and dive together

Share the same favourite..

Also play together

...Hanging out together!

And celebrate fasting month and eid together.

That's all about friends although there's still a lot of moment to be reminisced and yet it's still hard for me to describe about how beautiful friendship is.
However, lets recite alhamdulillah for me to have u and otherwise.

Happy Ramadhan!

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