13 August 2011

apa itu matang?

Well, lately, people keep on buzzing me by saying that I've been matured.
Well, seriusly that's funny. Haha. I'll be reaching 20 in just a couple of month people.
Perhaps, it's just because of the knowledge and reminders that I've shared on my facebook's wall.
Perhaps, it's because of my new hairstyle and style.
Perhaps, it's simply because I'm going to be an adult sooner.
Or, perhaps, it's Ramadhan who had changed me a lot.

But, I'm totally sure that any change in me, is because He loves me much.
Alhamdulillah, prais to The Almighty for His blessings upon me. For everything.
Ramadhan had totally brought me so many things that had made me what I am now.
And again. Alhamdulillah for everything.

Bersyukur tidak akan merugikan kita. Bukan sahaja kita dikurniakan segala kebaikan malahan kita disayangi. Nikmat yang mana lagi kita nak nafikan wahai anak2 Adam?

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