09 September 2011

a day to reminisce

A rainy evening.I laid back. Doing nothing.
Looking at the ceiling.......( muhasabah diri kununnya)
"Ahhh...Bosann.."bisik hati kecilku ini. hahaha

A cigar on my right, and a cup of hot coffee on my left are always inspiring.
With a right mood, perfect weather.A windy night with the bright stars above.
Ahh just nice.
Okay, to enhance the mood, the right choice of song played through the headphone.
Geee. Almost towards perfection.

A curiosity bowt the future is always there.
Again. I sit back.
A little excited and worried upon the future.
I know the God bless will always reach down to earth.
Still, there's the future that I need to face.
The art that I will need to sing.
The blossoming part of my life,complement to the chaos that I felt.

Naahh...lupakan..I have my own goals to be achieved. So I'll just walk.
Hari-hari yang lepas. Yang perit, Yang best. Brings me a good feeling bowt what I have today.
Thank God. Those days, make me smile for today to know how lucky I am.
I have a strict,respectful father to be rebellious upon.
A patient mother to rely on whenever I'm tired. Facing the adventure.
A brother, to quarrel and to have a pillow talk.
A fussy sister, to be taken care of. To be protected with my life.
Gramps to visit and how do they pamper me is the best part.
Best friends to enjoy with. To remind when I'm lost.
A reliable, loyal personal listener. Mekaseh doe.

So, esok, beta sudah mahu berangkat pulang ke bumi sintok.
Mengejar cita-cita baru. haha. Gaye besemangat
Tak sabar nak jumpa kekaseh2 di blok F. Rindu bangatt!
Ketaq2 nak pegang buku. Psstt. 3 bulan x pegang buku ilmiah.. =P

Well, maybe lepas ni dah tak selalu update blog.
Jumpe kat twitter je la. Sebab senang kan?Fesbuk pon boleee..

All right. Need to go. Have to find enough inspiration to run on a long, tiring track.

All the best to u guys. Skjpian, Pinjian, Merbokianz, Kmkul people, and my Sintokkian friends!


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